About Micaela and Andy

Andy and Micaela met in early 2015 and had their first date at Scottsdale Fashion Square, dining at Panda Express. After a few weeks of waiting for Micaela to answer, they finally started dating. It wasn’t long before they were together and inseparable, playing games and going out on dates.

Micaela got Andy into Magic: The Gathering and Marvel. Andy got Micaela into Destiny and Roller Coasters.

They have visited the Disney parks almost every year they have been together, and when they visited in December of 2021 Andy popped the question in their hotel room. It didn’t take long for Micaela to say yes.

About the Wedding Party

Best Man: Josh Collins

Andy met Josh a decade ago and they started a band shortly thereafter. While the band didn't work out their friendship did, and they've been playing games, watching the Coyotes, traveling, and enjoying hanging out together ever since.

Maid of Honor: Kendall Eaves

Kendall is Micaela’s best friend. They met in middle school and became close through anime and cosplay. They dressed up, watched a lot of shows, and grew up into their adulthood doing the same nerdy things they always have.

Kayleigh Collins - Kayleigh is one of Andy’s friends that became close with Micaela after they got together. Hiking, kayaking, watching tv, painting, and DIY crafting are some of their favorite go-to things to do together.

Krystel Hagan - Krystel is one of Micaela's closest friends and part of the reason Andy and Micaela got together in the first place (thank you Krystel!) by stealing Andy’s phone and texting Micaela herself. Krystel is a nerdy gal just like Micaela and Andy, and also is a wicked crafter.

Alec Belau - Andy and Alec met playing video games online and have only gotten closer after Alec moved to Arizona for school. You can usually find them talking about plans for their next Magic: The Gathering decks, or trying to find the best new drink recipes to try.

Dylan Luque - Dylan and Andy met through Krystel, and ever since then they've had a blast hanging out as a group and working their way through dungeons and Raids in Destiny and Diablo, going to concerts, and pushing the boundaries of what's "too ridiculous" in their Dungeons & Dragons sessions.